Turning 21!

First of all I still feel 12😂

…But I had the best night ever ! Im super grateful to all my friends for such a good time and for making the effort to come out and spend the night with me. I received such thoughtful gifts which truly made me feel so loved 🙂

I spent the evening at Aviary in London. They have a beautiful roof terrace on the tenth floor. Sadly we weren’t lucky with the weather but still made the effort to take a couple photos on the terrace. The bar was super sophisticated and most of the time we were looked after.

Quartier de Temple.

Part two to my Paris edition.

Who knew that Temple would be another place to be. Before I arrived in Paris I knew that I wanted to go to Temple for one reason- Season PARIS, they have a high profile on social media and people rave on about how good their food is. However, little did I know that my uncle works in that district and its well known for lots of little jewellery shops and a mini china town. My uncle told me how close Temple was to Centre Pompidou and The Notre Dame de Paris, though I left those for another day.

1- First thing on my list was to have brunch at Season- https://www.season-paris.com 

I enjoyed an açai bowl with superfood toppings and some carrot juice to wash it down. While my mum tucked into what Season calls Pancakes D’Oliver- Pancakes with maple syrup, crispy bacon, orange blossom cream and pecan nuts. This place was full of hungry customers working hard to get an Instagram worthy picture as passers by inquisitively looked in.


2-  Have late lunch in the mini china town.

My uncle showed us around on his lunch break then treated us to a banquet of delicious Chinese food. Although it wasn’t as showy as china town in London but it felt more authentic.

3- Roam through the quaint streets.

Luckily this “quatier” (as the french would call it) wasn’t as busy as others so it was a good chance to whip my camera out and make memories with my cousins.

R E V O L U T I O N. R I C H M O N D. Review

All I wanted was a cool breeze on a summers day with a drink in one hand and a friend in the other. Then Serena suggested that Revolution had a rooftop terrace. She didnt have to say much before I put my shoes on and left.

Can I tell you though, this bar has so much to give.

  1. Its by the river✔️
  2. They make the prettiest cocktails✔️
  3. They have a cute rooftop terrace✔️

Why go into central London where crazy tourists always stand in the way, (although Richmond was quite busy) when you can actually get a table in a bar just outside London? Not to mention short queues at the bar ! Btw, Richmond doesn’t actually count as London but Surrey.

Revolution have a short menu of plastic cupped cocktails and disposable snacks, for those who would rather sit along the edge of the river. We had our cocktails at the rooftop terrace then spent the rest of evening watching the sun set by the river edge. This way we got to enjoy both. They have a nice feel inside and not to mention the MARBLE tables !

Other than Revolution being decorated so nicely, Richmond is such a nice place to be in on a summers night while the sun sets. Especially on a friday night when everyone is in good spirits.

L E. M A R A I S.

This is the first part of my Paris edition posts – Le Marais. 

Although being a historic district within Paris, there is a swanky vibe about this place. The juxtaposition of the cobblestone streets and the fashionable cafés make you feel ever so chic. My favourite thing about this area was the graffiti, it wasn’t the regular rude words a Frenchman would turn his nose up to, but more so small creative pieces. The Parisians tend to convey a message  through their graffiti but in a less explicit way.  A subtle and chic version of “IN YOUR FACE” BRICK LANE.

Here are a couple of things to appreciate in Le Marais.

1- Le Voltigeur Café- http://www.levoltigeur.fr

Order a cappuccino and wait for the look people will give you when your coffee arrives. This place brings a smile to people who are in need of their daily dosage of caffeine, before they have even started drinking it. Sit outside on the pastel green bistro tables and absorb the social graces of Le Marais. (BTW this place was really busy around lunch time so be aware that you may not get seated right away.)




2-  Voguish streets with effortlessness

Stroll through these streets and snap away at the politically correct graffiti considerably placed on the historic beige coloured walls.

Lots of love,



Dominique Ansel Bakery- London

Hey guys,

If you have a sweet tooth then this is the perfect place. I have a sweet tooth and ordered 2 things of the menu which I have been dying to try. I got the cookie shot and the frozen smore. We ate the cookie shot first but then struggled to get through the smore. 

Other than having a major sugar rush … I was also digging the attention to details in the interiors. Part of me came here because of the marble tables, but also the modernish take on desserts and pâtisserie. 

I hope u enjoy the imagery below….


Glad I made you dribble. 

Love, Michelle


Do Ho Suh! Passage/s 

Spent my last free day at the Victoria Miro Gallery to go see this incredible installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh which was made up of a fabric structure.  Can I tell ya … I fell in love 😍 when I started to think about how it was constructed and all the little details ugh amazing ! And then when you find out the idea behind it, it just makes it a whole lot more incredible. I defo recommend. 

I wanted to wear an old stripe shirt in a more current way so I chucked it off the shoulder ontop of my Balmain Tee and a V-neck lace cami. Paired with a sporty wide leg trouser and accessorised with an oversized choker.  

Went along with Sarah 💕 I love having friends who takes pictures the same way I do ! 




Pancake day with a banana recipe! 

Hey guys,

Happy pancake day!

Im no stranger to making pancakes 🥞 its something that I have done with my mum since I was a kid. And it was something we did way more than once a year.

Heres a recipe that I found and adapted to what works for me.

Ingredients (makes 10):

  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup of all purpose flour
  • About 1 cup of milk( use more or less to get consistency right)
  • 2 tsps of baking powder
  • 1 tspn of vanilla essence
  • Pinch of salt

Step1- mash the banana in the bowl then wisk the eggs in too.

Step 2- put half a cup of the flour, all the baking powder and a pinch of salt and wisk. When the mixture has thickened add half a cup of the milk.

Step 3- add the remaining half a cup of flour and half a cup of milk and mix well. Finally, just the vanilla essence. 

Step 4- put the frying pan on medium heat and add a tiny bit of butter. Once melted,use a ladle to pour the mixture in the middle of te frying pan (because its the hottest part). Once you see the bubbles pop then its ready to flip. Once flipped give it about 2 mins but keep checking so that it doesn’t burn. Repeat this process until you have finished all the batter.

Step 5- add toppings. My favourites are nutella, peanut butter and golden syrup( btw they go so well with the banana pancakes).




Weekend in Bristol & Bath 

Hey guys,

After having some free time before going back to uni I decided to make a quick trip to Bristol to see a childhood friend (Serena)✨

Friday I arrived and she made dinner for us which was impressive because how often does a student make prosciutto wrapped cod with asparagus and wedges with a heavenly chocolate cheesecake for dessert? Then we went out for drinks to a bar in Bristol then a club with a couple other gals which can only be described as funny. I will leave it at that.

Saturday we took the train to Bath which was only 15 mins away. We had some brunch at The Cosy Club which was so cute. I had salmon and poached eggs with a pink lemonade and Serena had a burger and chips with a milkshake (cos hey it was way past brunch time). Then we went around a few shops and walked through the streets for some candids. I grabbed a rustique hand crafted coffee and we did some more walking around. 

Got home, stuck a pizza in the oven and chilled for abit. Later one of Serena’s friends drove us around for a tour of Bristol (how cute?).

Sunday was home time day 😢 didn’t get to make breakfast but there were many breakfast opportunities on the way to the bus stop. A quick toastie and juice did the trick and on the bus I went…



Stay positive! 

Hey Guys,

Since the start of 2017 I decided to work on my positivity just because I believe that the more positive I am the more positivity I attract. Yes , I am grateful and I count my blessings but sometimes I forget so I decided to count my blessings in a way so that I dont forget. 

I have seen this on facebook/ instagram memes and just thought why not! So I made myself a ‘Positivity jar’. I found myself an old jar in a kitchen cupboard and stuck a label on the front and everytime something memorable or good happens I will write it on a little note and put it in the jar. At the end of 2017 I can read all of those notes to remind myself of my year and all the good things that happened. 

This way I can manifest happy feelings and attract more just by writing things I am grateful for. 

Try it out ! Its never too late. 

Stay positive! 

Happy friday 🙂